Evercare Lint Roller Advantage On The Go

The EvercareĀ® Advantage

When you buy an Evercare product, you get all the benefits behind the brand that invented the original lint roller. Years of experience have taught us how to make the best lint roller in the market, and here's why:


Where it counts, Evercare exceeds all others in performance.


Evercare Lint Roller Tape Advantage

US: Crepe construction, and 50% more sticky pickup per sheet.

THEM: Wax construction, under performs, and not as sticky.


Evercare Lint Roller Handle Advantage

US: Ergonomically shaped and designed to position your hand for ease of use.

THEM: Not ergonomic, harder to hold and uncomfortable to use when rolling.


Evercare Lint Roller Sheet Advantage

US: Easy to tear off each one, with guillotine cuts that produce less wasted sheets.

THEM: Difficult to tear cleanly when multiple sheets come off at once- wasteful.


Evercare offers lint rollers in every size, style and use.


As the inventor of the original lint roller, we haven't stopped inventing.

Evercare Made in the USA Lint Rollers

Evercare USA

It's true. Every one of our Made in USA Lint Rollers is 100% manufactured and assembled in the USA. Evercare stands behind the extreme stick tape, easy tear sheets and superior quality.

Evercare Gain Scented Lint Rollers


Make laundry care fun and pleasant! The next time you want to refresh your clothes, pick up the lint with Gain scented rollers, from the laundry brand you trust most.