Caring for your Pets & the ASPCA

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On the Go Lint Roller On the Go Lint Roller

The Original Lint Roller

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Boy and Mom Boy and Mom

Not Just for Lint

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Evercare Pet and Mega Lint Rollers In Use

The Evercare® Advantage

What is the Evercare Advantage? We not only invented the lint roller, we’ve perfected it! Learn how years of experience have taught us how to make the best lint roller you can buy, and why ours is totally better than the other guy’s.

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Evercare® Story

Evercare Lint Rollers go back to the origins of the lint roller itself. Since our founder first came up with the idea of picking up lint with an adhesive roller, millions of people who care about their clothing and furniture have rolled with us.

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Evercare Pet Mega Lint Roller
Evercare Mega Lint Roller in Use

Evercare® Extra Sticky Lint Rollers
Designed for Pet Hair

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