How to bring your cozy Autumn Pinterest board to life this season

Summer has come to an end. “Sweater weather” is vastly approaching. Autumn is like the cool wind-down period after summer's chaotic mess. As the days get shorter and we all head home from those epic summer trips, it’s time to think about how we want to recharge this fall. What better way than to create a cozy feel in your home? Alone time and self-care are about to get a lot more fun. 

Declutter and Reorganize

A new season is the perfect reason to deep clean your sacred space. There is no better time to organize your linen closet's neglected shelves or declutter your pet’s toy bin. A clear space for a clear mind, as they say. Sort your items into three categories: things to keep, donate, and throw away. Once you have cleared out your shelves, take measurements and explore different options for storage bins and other organizational tools. Lastly, do a quick wipe-down of each surface. Be sure to use our DUO Pet Hair & Lint Remover to catch all the pet hair and dust easily. This duo-sided and reusable tool can help you breeze through your fall cleaning to get to that wind-down time much sooner. 

Try Out New Recipes

What better way to kick off a quiet night at home than with a home-cooked dinner? Rather than stressing over whether or not all of those DoorDash fees are worth it, cooking at home can calm those nerves. We know cooking can sometimes feel like a chore. But what better incentive than to save money, try something new, and have something yummy to eat sooner? Take a break from your usual roster and try a new recipe to keep you warm and nourished this fall. Whether you make a meal, a fun coffee drink, or a delicious dessert, cooking at home is an excellent form of self-care.

Mood Lighting

Lighting can make or break the overall feel of a room. While we don’t recommend scrapping your light fixtures or investing in high-end chandeliers, we recommend switching some things up for the sake of the mood. You can switch out your light bulbs for Bluetooth LED bulbs that connect to your phone to change the light color as you see fit. There are renter-friendly LED light strips you can stick behind your television or under your kitchen cabinets to easily refresh your space. 


When your closing shift is done, your laptop is slammed shut for the rest of the night, and you finally have time to yourself, there’s no better feeling than lighting your candles and other mood lighting to help you lean into relaxation.

An Evercare Autumn

We all need time to recharge after having too much fun this summer. Our social batteries are practically begging us to slow down. The easiest way to do so is right at home, with the perfect mood lighting and your tried and true Evercare lint rollers in tow. Nothing says cozy like a clean space, right?


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