Back-To-School: Take Evercare Everywhere

With the hustle and bustle of back-to-school comes new yearbook photos, outfits to wear on campus, and a new quick clean routine! 

The Evercare all-purpose lint roller is one of the best tools for collecting just anything from fabric and backpacks. Don't let your kids get caught with lint on the playground, cafeteria, or, most importantly, their school photos.  And as a bonus, you can use it to clean up after you pack your kids’ lunches.  

You can also use the lint roller in your kitchen, car, and just about anywhere! Give it a go, and you will witness that this handy tool will clean up even the tiniest particles, including crumbs and pet hair. We recommend adding an Evercare all-purpose lint roller to your kid's backpack, keeping one by your door and one in your car for those days you are rushing to school. 

Here's Your Back-To-School Home Reset Starter Pack:

Happy Back to School Season!

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