Beat Seasonal Shed with Evercare

Can you believe we’re in the middle of spring already? If you’re a pet owner, you’re also in the middle of shedding season and couch deep in pet hair. Shedding season happens twice a year, Spring and Fall, and can last 2-4 weeks. There are several ways to beat the shed, and we’re here to help.

Help control shedding by brushing your pet daily. The goal is to help your pet get rid of its undercoat from the winter instead of just letting it fall out on its own. A slicker or rake brush is ideal for brushing out the hair before it overruns your home.

Bathing your pet every 6-10 weeks can also help minimize shedding and promote a healthy coat. Don’t forget to keep your pet’s skin from drying out by using a moisturizing pet shampoo.

Doing these things can help with seasonal shed, but you know shedding is a year-round occurrence as a pet owner. Keeping your home clean with regular vacuuming of your rugs and carpets will help. As an alternative to clogging your vacuum, use the Evercare Mega Roller to pick up clumps of fur from your couch, bedding, and other furniture. You can also use an all-purpose lint roller for clothing to keep you personally fur-free.

Unfortunately, avoiding pet hair and shedding is not possible, but with Evercare, we can help make it manageable.