Car Cleaning Tips for Pets with Evercare

Summer is right around the corner, which means vacations, day trips, and making more time to be with family and friends. Do you have a furry friend that travels with you? Is your car clean and clear of pet fur? If not, follow along to learn how to keep your vehicle clean easily and pet hair-free for you and your passengers.

Starting in the front, your dashboard is a magnet for dust and other particulates. Use an Evercare T-Handle lint roller to clean up everything from pet fur, dust, pollen, and more. A lint roller will remove most of the larger debris from your dash, but you’ll still want to go over the area with a cloth or wet wipe for anything sticky. 

Moving onto your seats, hopefully, they only need a quick roll, but if your pet likes to sit upfront with you and their fur is embedded in the floor carpets or seat cushions, use a stiff brush to help loosen up the fur, then roll it away with a lint roller. Use this same technique in the backseat as well. Cleaning up loose and excess pet hair in your car will prevent it from flying around if you decide to take a drive with the windows down. What about those times you do have passengers? An easy way to keep your vehicle pet hair-free moving forward is by using an old sheet or blanket as a seat protector. All you need to do is take the sheet out of the car after traveling with your pet, and your seats should be virtually pet hair-free, although you might want to give them a quick roll to be safe. This method also works with children; just cut slits for the seat buckles in the sheet.

Even if you don’t have pets, keeping a lint roller in your car door is essential in keeping you lint-free for any occasion. And for smaller hard-to-reach areas, like cup holders, tear off a sheet and pat around to remove dirt and debris.

Make sure you are prepared by keeping a cleaning kit in your car: 

  • Paper Towels
  • Pet-Friendly Wipes
  • Lint Roller
  • Stiff Brush
  • Old Sheet or Blanket