When looking to eliminate lint and pet hair from your furniture and wardrobe, a lint roller that will outperform and do the job right the first time is essential; our Evercare lint roller is just what you need.

In third-party testing against the competition, we found our Evercare lint roller is 75% stickier with 2-3 times more pick-up. Making Evercare faster and more effective in creating a lint, debris, and pet hair-free life compared to the competition.

We organized further testing by sending consumers plastic golf balls, Evercare lint roller, and our top competitor’s lint roller. For this in-home testing, consumers were asked to evaluate comfort, durability, and performance. Testing the performance of the lint rollers required consumers to use the golf balls and swirl the lint rollers around in the box for about 30 seconds. After this time, they were asked to count how many golf balls were left on the lint rollers. 92% of participants found that the Evercare lint roller had more golf balls stuck to it than the competition, which shows the Evercare lint roller to be stickier.

Consumers also found Evercare to be superior to the competition in comfort and durability; while 75% of testers preferred the comfort of Evercare, 90% found the lint roller to be more durable. Overall, 84% of consumers preferred Evercare, and 86% would purchase Evercare over the competition. Thus, making Evercare truly the stickiest, most dependable lint roller… period.