Lint Roller Picks Up Confetti

Did you know you can use lint rollers for more than just lint and pet hair? They are also great for cleaning up and assisting with craft projects. Crafting and DIY projects have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Enough so that some people have chosen not to return to the workforce and instead are focusing on DIY home crafting businesses.

Although each crafting project can be different, they are similar in need where they should have a lint roller close at hand. A lint roller can be a huge time saver, not only while creating but for after when you are cleaning up or shipping out.

So, when is it the most convenient to have a lint roller around while crafting?

1. Transferring or Weeding Vinyl:

Whether you want to save money by using lint sheets as transfer paper or need a quick way to pick and stick small vinyl pieces while weeding, a lint roller is a tool to have close at hand when using your decal maker to make stickers, tumbler designs and more.

Lint Roller Wrapping Paper

2. Making Wrapping Paper:

Homemade is always more heartfelt so take it a step further by making your wrapping paper no matter the occasion. All you need is your lint roller, foam cutouts, paint, and string for a different design if desired.

3. Cleaning Up Scraps of Paper:

Scrapbooking and other paper projects require cutting, leading to small pieces going everywhere like confetti; use a lint roller for a quick clean-up.

Lint Roller for Cleaning Up Glitter

4. Cleaning Up Glitter:

Like confetti, glitter can go everywhere. However, unlike confetti, glitter tends to linger. Use a lint roller to clean your workspace and floor more thoroughly.

5. Cleaning Up Lint and Project Fibers:

If you are a business DIYer, you want your projects to look their best. Before shipping your handiwork, be it crocheted or a screen-printed t-shirt, quickly roll up lint and yarn fibers left behind.