A lint roller is just a lint roller. Right? Don’t all lint rollers pick-up pet hair and other fine particles off of clothing and furniture. Yes, that is true. While all lint rollers can do these things, there are others aspects that sets Evercare apart from the competition.

Line Experts

Evercare is the lint roller inventor, therefore we are the lint roller experts since 1956. Our primary competition didn’t enter the market until 1998.


We can also consider ourselves to be more environmental friendly than our competition as our lint sheets are made of paper. Our competition uses lint sheets made of plastic. However, Evercare and most of our competitors use handles which can refilled with new lint sheets.  And although our competitor doesn’t use a cardboard core it can cause their refill rolls to deform more easily. Our cardboard center enables our rolls to keep their shape. And because it’s cardboard it can be recycled or repurposed for crafting.  

Primarily USA Made

While some of our handles are made in China our lint sheets are manufactured in the USA. Alabama to be exact and in May of 2021 we launched a 100% USA Made Lint Roller. Our competitor’s lint rollers are made in Mexico.


In 1986 we introduced our Zip Strip Technology which scores the sheets making it easier to tear to expose a clean sheet. Our competition uses perforated sheets that can be difficult to tear and can cause more than one sheet to be unrolled.

Best in Performance

We are the stickiest, watch and see on the video!