10 Uses for Lint Rollers

When you think of a lint roller, you probably think of cleaning the lint and pet hair off your clothes. However, did you know there are a lot of other ways to use a lint roller? Read on to discover our top 10 unique uses for your Evercare lint roller.

1. Vinyl Lettering

If you are into crafting and working with vinyl lettering or designs, the sheets on a lint roller makes for an excellent transfer paper because it is semitransparent and will release the vinyl keeping the adhesive from sticking to your design.

Lint Roller Cleaning Up Lamp Shade

2. Lamp Shades

Lampshades are an area of the home that picks up the most dust and lint but isn't always an area we make a point to clean. One of the easiest ways to clean a lampshade is to use an Evercare lint roller to lift and remove the dust and lint without damaging the shade.

3. Window Screens

You may clean the glass on your windows regularly, but how long has it been since you cleaned the screens? An easy way to remove debris from window screens is to roll a lint roller across them gently. You can even pull a few sheets off to clean the sill of the window too!

Lint Roller Prepping Paint Roller

4. Prep a Paint Roller

Have you ever painted a wall and found you're getting little fluff pieces stuck in the paint? An easy way to avoid this is to pre-roll your paint roller with a lint roller. This will help achieve a smoother application when painting.

5. Cleaning up Art and Crafts Time

Glitter, need we say more? Glitter is something I'm sure most of you try to avoid, but it's so sparkly and makes your kids happy. Don't be afraid to pull out the glitter when you have a lint roller. Our Evercare lint rollers make cleaning up so much easier and not just glitter but other small pieces like cut-up paper, beads, and other small crafting supplies.

6. Clean Car Seats

From children's seats to your seat, our Evercare lint rollers have you covered to clean up snack crumbs and other debris after those long or short car rides.

7. Safely Clean Up Broken Glass

Even after sweeping up the larger pieces of glass, there can be smaller pieces left behind. This is where our Evercare Mega roller comes in handy. Roll it across your floor like a vacuum to pick up small debris and help eliminate the possibility of stepping on a tiny shard later on. 

8. Clean the Inside of the Kitchen Drawer

Snack drawers can get especially dirty with crumbs. Tear off one sheet at a time to easily pick up the dirt and debris from the bottom of the drawer and drawer corners.

9. Stuffed Animals

Your child's favorite stuffed animal can accumulate dust, and they aren't the easiest to clean. Most stuffed animals can't go in the wash, and dampening a towel can sometimes cause dirt or dust to stick even more. Reach for a lint roller to eliminate dust first and keep your child's favorite stuffed animal looking its best.

Lint Roller Picking Up Pine Needles

10. Christmas Tree Needle Clean-Up

Do you like the Christmas tree smell but can't stand the needles falling off a real tree. Keep your holiday happy and bright by getting the real tree and use our Evercare lint roller or Mega roller to keep your floor's tree needle-free.